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Do you feel concerned about sexual violence in nightclubs?
Consentis explains the concept of consent through the following slideshow (in french).

Throughout 9 slides, Consentis explains the origins of awareness, the frequent problems faced in nightlife surroundings, and the acceptable attitude one should adopt.

If you wish to download the drawing board and/or add it in your communication campaign feel free to contact us.

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The Weinstein scandal that occurred in October 2017 has been worldwide relayed by the medias. Going hand in hand with news and facilitated by the movements #metoo and #balancetonporc, people freed tongues about sexual violence.The problem of sexual violence has reached massive audience and is dealt on public places. Now is the time to fight and limit sexual violence happening in every space and setting – at work, in the street, in the public transportations – as well as to educate people all around the world about sexual consent.

Sexual consent is the fact to make sure before having a sexual activity that each partner accepts of its own free will without being constrained, forced or surprised. Sexual consent is essential and mandatory.

Unfortunately, even after this scandal, sexual harassment and assaults are not perceived as sexual violence in some spaces.In there spaces, sexual consent seems to be a blurred concept for the people attending such spaces: some people tend to see sexual attacks as acts of flirtation. Yet, in those spaces, making sure that the sexual consent is respected is always legitimate and essential.  Clarify what consent is in a contextualized way to be applied in those spaces seems to be required.

This is where Consentis appears. Our goal is to make sure that sexual consent is respected and known but also there to clarify some unclear, blurred zones. Consentis is here to determine the difference between acceptable interactions from intolerable sexual harassment and/or violence.Our mission is to establish a culture of consent in festive places in order for nightlife goers to feel more respected and free of fear!

Dancers, party animals, outgoing and shy people – everyone! Let’s share all together, as it should be the custom in party places, a pleasurable getaway in respecting everyone through consent and safety.

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